Vision Statement
We all seek some meaning to our existence, and mine is "To be a force in the enhancement, improvement, and building of futures through positive, team-based leadership, and strategic interaction of myself and my environment."
I strive to meet this vision through the use of my talents:

  -as a forward thinker, considering the new, and planning for the eventual.
  -as a coach and mentor to develop those around, or as a director as needed.
  -as an architect, building solid foundations to allow expansion of new capabilities.
Guiding Principles
The Power of One:
A phrase introduced to me at my CMA graduation by the keynote speaker. The speach galvanized my belief that one person can make a difference and should strive to, even in the face of great adversity. It has been my banner since that day. It only takes one person, at the right time, with the right words and skills to trigger a momentum that can move a nation.
Ethics and integrity:
The belief in standing for holding true to one's convictions and doing the right thing for the right reasons. It is the foundation of trust, society, and personal confidence. One is remembered by one's actions more than words - win or lose.
Luck Favours the Brave:
A phrase used by Mike Lipkin and is a title of one of his books. It builds on Napoleon's "L'audace, toujours l'audace," and the power of positive thinking. The number of occasions where benefit comes from daring to do, and focusing on the goal rather than the constraints, is larger than one thinks. True change comes from daring to do.
Power through knowledge:
Growth and betterment comes from seeking to understand. Its pursuit enables one to effect change and expand not only oneself but to mentor others. Empowerment is not just about oneself, but should be spilled over to others either by leading by example, or developing the talents and attitudes of others. Learning also expands oneself beyond what we are.
Diversity is a gift:
Though humanity is rapidly melding into a global entity, we need to remember, admire, and respect the many cultural, social, physical diversities and the like. We are strongest when we are aware of the many perspectives, and are doomed if we are too narrow in our mindset. Realize the power of many minds.
In today's age of precious time and chance meetings, it is often difficult to get a good sense of a person. We say first impressions are most important, but I hope most people have more layers to them than what can be determined at a glance. I know I do. So, thank you for taking the time to go beyond and learn a bit for about me.