Stockholm and her archipelagos are a sight to see and live in. I spent almost a third of my childhood there fishing, sailing, swiming, and hiking. The landscape is likened to Northern Ontario. Lots of red pine and many rocky islands where houses are built where rock permits rather than in flat endless subdivisions. It is a nation that remains neutral and independent, with significant business players such as Volvo, SAAB and IKEA. Their banking and ports make a good base for business seeking to penetrate Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe. My interests in the nation are more persona, given half of my family lives there. Stockholm is one of the intended stops in my retirement sailing trip. I have navigated the islands before and have all the charts.

Paris & LaRochelle are the main points where the Poinot family can be found. I did not prefer gooing there during my childhood years, but appreciate it more now in my adult years. The nation itself fits inside Ontario, and boasts one of the fastest trains in the world. The food is sensational, and the atmosphere of Paris is intoxicating. The age of the buildings can be felt in the bricks, yet behind the fascades are ultramodern facilities in some areas. LaRochelle is a historically significant coastal port which serves as a berth for many Canadian retiree sailors. It has been beseiged by the Spaniards and the English centuries before, and used as a U-boat base by the Germans. Do tour the lands and savour of the 3,000 different types of cheese that France has to offer, along with the bouquets of the countless vintages.