Central America
Cancun was a stellar trip to unwind and enjoy the company of my two oldest and closest friends. Alas, they were too attached to empart in the full bachelor experience. It was a trip that started at the bar, and never really left (though the locations changed). I can thing of few people who have not had a trip like this, and those that haven't, I pity them for what they missed. Dinner cruises, night tours of the beach, watching sea turtles in to lay eggs at midnight, and snorkling. Chichen Itza was a definite stop to do, and the tour was both educational and amusing. I was lucky enough to go in my twenties when you were still allowed to climb the pyramid. It was in Cancun that I rekindled my interest in sailing. I took out a small craft, and though I hadn't handled a boat in ten years, the skills were still there.