North America
Canada (My Nation) 

Temagami, ON:  A beautiful area of crown land that is a pleasure to paddle through. Lake Smoothwater above this is where I led a team as part of Project Thunderbox to donate facilities to the park.

Kilarney Provincial Park, ON:  A beautiful park to explore on a hike or by canoe. Home of the highest point in Ontario - Silver Peak.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, ON:  Spent 10 days travelling by canoe along the shore bordering this park.

Montreal, QC:  Lived for a time in this city.  Very cosmo, and easy to get around in.  From the Mont Royal, you can stand level to many of the tall buildings downtown.
Quebec City, QC:  A historic city where the best area to stay is in the Old City.  Great little inns and dining.
United States 

Las Vegas NV is an interesting city to visit. Nearly every business has a slot machine in it. Seems to be a place to go to pretend you are somewhere else (Paris, Venice, Carribean, etc) depending on which hotel you stay in. Go to restaurants hungry as portions are generous.
Did the tour of the Grand Canyon - a feature that is huge to take in, and visited the Hoover Dam as well (see Gallery).