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Humor is a gift that is for sharing. Some who have been my "designated victims" may not always agree, but it is always in the spirit of fun.  Much of my humor involves improv, usually with a circumstance or a straight man to draw off (throw me a bone!)

I grew up on Monty Python, Dave Allen at Large, Benny Hill, and the like.  The former are the creators of legend who fathered the concept of the skit based comedies we see of recent history.  Dave Allen's BBC program was short lived, and rare to find (some snip-its are found on YouTube).  Sadly, comedy on TV seems to be a dying art, with shows such as Air Farce joining the ranks of the departed.  Ron James had a show, briefly, but his strengths are in his stand-up monologues.

I am a master of the "joke grenade," a comment that you throw out, takes a second, then it hits you.  Often I sneak away before it does, leaving the poor soul to chuckle or groan.
I have dabbled in CGI before embarking fully in my current profession.  My interest in it spurs from my desire to be creative and express visually.  It is interesting to watch the progression as we approach a point where live action film and CGI films become indistinguishable.  Examples such as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and ...  are cases in point.
I discovered back in the Eighties that the capabilities, particularly to produce for TV or small screen were available to the everyday person.  An Amiga computer, equipped with a Video Toaster could run Broadcast TV quality programming  with Lightwave for CGI (the software now a mainstay in the field).  It is a time consuming art.
"Japanimation", or otherwise known as Anime, have churned out some good series, such as Ghost in the Shell, or Robotech.  Not cartoons, but rather dramas, with all the character traits and conflicts.  Now most of what churns out for TV has this genres influences.
When I do sit back for Television, it has got to be intelligent.   The shows that have captivated me to follow have been the likes of Babylon 5, House, and Defying Gravity.  Being a bit of a Sci-Fi buff, I tend to lean to those, but informative documentaries are worth an hour.
Kind of a funny interest, but sometimes people can be interesting.  Whether it is observing the Human Condition, or meeting and interacting to share, discuss, or whatnot.