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I like working with the Pentax 1st DL digital SLR camera. Some of my shots appear under Photos on this site. I have a friend to thank for pointing me in this direction. I have been experimenting with the different shot types. An investment in a tripod has made macro shots easier, and allowed me to spend more time lining up and framing a shot better. I am pleased with the Pentax camera for its ability to trap moving targets remarkably well and clearly. Much of motion is instinct in the timing when the object will be in the focal area.

The availability of various lenses (such as a wide angle, and zoom) enables one to switch to an option that will allow you to capture the moment, and pick up an interesting item where a simple phone or quick-snap camera will miss.

My travels usually entail bringing along a camera to capture the moment(s) that occasion. The iPhone does a decent job in a pinch, and has contributed to a few album shots.