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The main focus of the classic accountant, financial statement preparation is a strong skillset of mine. Preparing financial statments for both internal and external users plus extending reporting into the MD&A as well. Notes and consolidated financials included. Much of that reporting experience has been for both public and private corporations.

I am knowledgeable in GAAP, and have familiarized with IFRS to keep current and abreast of reporting in the future. In both cases, I keep a library for reference as we do not keep it all in our heads. There are some interesting differences, but both IFRS and Canadian GAAP are principles based, with the more important topics revolving around revenue recognition.

With public corporations, I am familiar with the extended reporting requirements, such as MD&As and governance documents. I have gone through many audits as the liason for external auditors.

Beyond that, I have been responsible for and done the full-cycle of accounting, and have set-up, reviewed, and prepared supporting schedules and reports.