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Most of my work experiences have been with either Private or Public Corporations. The industries range from Textiles, Beer, Marketing, Medical Devices, Technology, Insurance, and Health Care. As such, I have demonstrated a fair bit of transferability.

Through the textiles industry I have touched upon both carpet and fabrics in working for Kraus Carpets and Nalpac, with distribution chains, and clients such as Victoria Secret.

Through the Beer industry, I have experienced startups in working with Icefloe, an innovator of chilling technologies for brewers like Molsons and Labatt/Inbev. Construction experience and project management is part of that involvement as we had to use installation companies to roll out draft beer dispensing systems.

In my earlier days, I worked in Travel health insurance, and through the experience learned much of call centre structure and operations.

With each opportunity one discovers the nuances and the similarities.