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Both the provision of routine internal reports, and the design and development of new reports. I have designed and built custom reports to fill various needs through either Excel or Access.

In many instances, it is about coming up with a means to track and disseminate information.

In the case of a draft beer system roll-out, I build a database in Access to track the progress of the project. Needed to keep a table of the locations, and track the documentation ranging from pre-inspection, installation, and service work performed. From that database, I could easily locate the paperwork, report on problem areas, and run statistics on types of problems. Tracking payments and equipent serials could be done as well.

In the case of shared telecom services, I developed a database to extract data out of a service provider's software package, and split the phone services across business units via their calling codes and created utilization ratios.

Creating Excel financial statement templates for consistent and ongoing reporting for both internal and external purposes has been a standard practice.

In all instances, the purpose has been to increase accuracy and save time.