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An excellent program for supporting economic development, innovation, and small business. I am quite familiar with the program, and have compiled the financial aspects, and reviewed the project writeups.

It is a program run by both the federal and provinical governments to promote the advancement of technical capacities in Canadian business, and support innovation and particularly small business. It does not need to be science, but needs to involve a systematic process behind advancing the capabilities of the business in the face of some uncertainty (in a phrase). Not every project is a success, but the costs tied to the projects are recoverable as a refundable or non-refundable tax credit, depending on the structure of the business.

For small startup business, this is a great source of funding when you need it the most when sales have not been realized, but you need to pay out to stay open. For the rest, it is a part of the annual tax return as an offset to justify development and re-tooling projects.

I have compiled the financial package piece, and reviewed the write-ups performed by the technical staff.