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Mechanized Infantry (Canadian Forces Reserve):
I spent some time with the Highland Fusilleers of Canada. I do have a military mind in the way I am "mission oriented", and am more of a 'We' vs 'Me' person. Probably why I am not a "Survivor" series fan. You just don't stick it to your team. Your buddy depends on you, and you depend on him/her. If they go down, you will take their place for they will do the same for you.

I do have a strong strategic/tactical mind and find excercises along those lines interesting. It has also instilled a fair bit of confidence in myself and my safety.

There is also an appeal to the chain of command structure. The decision matrix, principles, and disciplines contained are valuable and effective, and lend to confidence in making decisions. Do what is needed to be done based on the information available at the moment, and don't look back. Cross each bridge and make a choice at the juncture. Right or wrong, you can stand on the merit of the reasonable person.

What I am both impressed with and proud of is what our armed forces have been/are capable of, and that they are taught equally how to save lives as how to take them.
Words that echo for those that understand...