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Certified Management Accountant - CMA:
Obtained August 1999 - Society of Management Accountants of Ontario
The mark of the modern strategic accountant. Though there are various designations obtainable in Canada, it is this one whose focus is more to looking ahead and introducting vision to the finance and accounting function, rather than tied to merely reviewing and reporting the past. Though we are well able to do the financials, taxes, and reporting, the adapability of the brand to new business needs and trends creates capacities that are very relevant to a modern dynamic business world.

To those who are still considering their path, my advise is such: choose the designation which best suits your personality (your beliefs, passions, and traits). This one is mine, and though I paused in making my selection after university, I have never looked back.

I remain involved with the Society of Management Accountants of Ontario through events, and through volunteering with the SLP program. Both allow me to remain current, and provide insight and mentoring.

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Bachelor of Arts - Economics:
Obtained October 1991 - Wilfrid Laurier University
The smaller of the two universities found in Waterloo, ON; it is no less prestigious. The Schools of Business and Music enjoy a fine reputation for their programs.

My studies focussed on the obtaining of the business courses required to obtain my designation. I delved into political science, philosophy, and psychology as part of my electives. I am a believer in being well-rounded.

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