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Career: A history of advancement
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Kraus Carpet Mills Ltd.
A textile manufacturer based in Kitchener-Waterloo, specializing in commercial carpets. Privately held at the time, it is a business that is both horizontally and vertically integrated - suppliers and distributors.

My progression at Kraus is a source of pride. Starting as a Junior Accountant, I worked my way up to Senior Accountant, and second to the Controller. I had also started with being the accountant for the small outlet store, and analyst for budgets, gross margins, and inventory; then moved to costing and being accountant for the larger supplier part of the business family - Strudex Fibres Ltd.

I had learned MS Access and used it as a tool to supplant Cognos as a front-end for the A/S 400 ERP. With Access I reduced the time requirement of monthly sales reporting from 15 days to 1 day, and built a custom-made costing module to standardize the presentation and calculation of the product costs. I also created a production management tracking tool. Using this database software, I was able to break free of the imitations of spreadsheets. Since, Access has been a trusted means to glean, move, manage data, diagnose ERP issues, and bridge systems.

Beyond that, I did what no one thought would ever happen; I won the go ahead to upgrade the telephone system to state of the art. I created the implementation plan, and oversaw the conversion. In the process, I became an expert of Nortel Meridian 1's and what telecom can do for a business. Our Bell representative even used me afterwards as a spokesperson for potential clients. I solved some IT issues, and was acknowledged as being an asset in a crisis.

The experiences gleaned from this opportunity were rich: Being a staff trainer, being mult-roled (IT/Telecom/Accounting), periodically touring the production floor to get a grounded perspective of operations (useful in explaining results), and so forth.

Fond memories of these years comes from me doing what I do best - understand business, and bring solid value add and leadership. All this, and doing the regular reporting, financials, and getting my CMA.