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Career: A history of advancement
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Waverley Glen Systems
The company is a subsidiary of Prism Medical, a publicly traded corporation, that manufactures medical devices primarily used in the lifting and moving of patients around medical and long term care facilities.

As Group Controller, I came in to oversee a few units of Prism Medical under the banner of Waverley Glen. It was fruitful in that I faced opportunity to realign IT to assist Accounting to be functional, and have tools to effectively review and report.

Often, systems upgrades to new ERPs are done where the last consideration is the needs of Accounting. Part of value add is to be able to take the needs of the various interests and create framework, and also bridge the gap between IT speak and Accounting speak. Understanding the IT side allows one to comprehend how the systems are structured, and how the accounting steps are mapped to the general ledger. The accounting side allows one to understand what controls are needed, and why.

The role also involved reviewing the periodic financials for the North American series of units, rolling them up into a consolidated financial statement for that business segment. Consolidated financials are not new to me, and I have been part of their preparation, if now wholely responsible for their preparation since the beginning of my professional career.