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Icefloe Technologies:
A small publicly traded startup whose focus was to develop proprietary technologies in the chilling of draught beverages. It's clients included the major breweries (Molson, Labatt), and its technology served mainly to provide marketing advantage - having the coldest beer around.

As Controller of Icefloe, there were many challenges and exciting opportunities. I took on the role as it was an opportunity to build a finance department from scratch, and to have a role that tightly ties efforts to success and rewards. I reported to a CFO (for public reporting purposes), but had full responsibility for the accounting process from daily transaction reporting to financials, and became an instrumental player in the business.

The challenges for startup businesses are: managing cash, and prioritizing. Cash flow is of vital importance for a business and planning was a significant part of the job. The other was getting the processes in place to meet the requirements of a publically traded corporation. Deciding on controls implementation, procedures, and hiring of staff all played a part. To be effective in a startup environment requires dedication, and personal committment to seeing something grow. It involves getting hands-on and willing to lend a hand where needed.
I was able to clean up and organize the reporting, improve the processes come audit time, and create tracking for projects.  SR&ED was a large boon as a source of government funding for launching the business.  The development of tracking for roll-out projects fell upon me as well.  There was a large amount of freedom and opportunity to operate independently, whilst interacting cross-functionally.  From the experience, I gleaned an understanding of public corporation reporting, and formed lasting connections.

In spite of the many achievements, it remains that Icefloe did not succeed and became a statistic rather than a success story - the market was not developed enough to survive. However, I did invest in some of the portable technology, and as such can enjoy ice cold draft beer (at home, on fishing/camping trips. etc).

A more comprehensive outline and history can be found on the TSX/V under ICY as the code. Those who want to toast the memory of Icefloe can do so around the bar at the many Shoeless Joe's, Jack Astor's, Boston Pizza's where Molson SubZero is found.