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I have spent many years exploring some of the beauty that is Ontario Parks. There are wonderous areas along Lake Superior, Temagami, and through Algonquin and even the local river systems. Having taken 6 days to do the length of the Grand River one gets an appreciation of the time spent by the early settlers as this stretch can be driven in three hours.

I have equipped myself for most expeditions now more to convenience and "creature comforts" rather than the minimalist view I held at the start, when I was first introduced to the activity. One thing I am proud of is that I am the owner of the first Swift Mattawa in production. I had gone up the weekend of the show in Dwight ON intent on finding a solo-able tandem. I tried a few options, but fell in love with this craft. She is agile, and glides through the water like a bird in the air. At 56 lbs, she is also easy on the back during portages.

Though I do not find as much time as I used to to canoe (mainly due to golf), my canoe is a valuable companion on my trips up north seeking photo opportunities. It was with patience that I caught the photo of the grey heron featured in the Gallery Section of this website.

During my early days working in Customer Service, I found the opportunity to retreat into the wilderness calming; away from the phones and the bustle. The crackle of the campfire, spending hours watching the skies at night, and the silence of the breeze and the gentle churning of the paddle.

In my adventures I have come across moose, but never yet a bear.