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This sport is my current regular outing - one I "suffer" every weekend somewhere somehow. It is an addictive game as one feels that Nature itself compels that this little white ball must go into that hole (with the least strokes of course).

I have set my goals for continuous improvement, shaving a few strokes a year. Now I am at a 20 handicap (thanks a bit to better technology in my new TaylorMade Burner driver. I do like the club as it has guaranteed a solid drive and added 50 yards easily. The game changes when you hit to the 100 yard stake or better versus the 150.

Since, I have completely transitioned to TaylorMade, and sport the Burner Driver, 3 & 5 woods, Burner XD irons, and a Rossa putter. I used to joke about better golf through better technology, but having seen the results, I am eating my earlier words.

On trips, I do recommend taking your own clubs with you. One never knows what you get to play with with rentals, and having seen the struggles of a friend trying to work with clubs too short, I was glad to have taken my own along.

Push carts are a welcome addition, and I have one of the ClicGear series. I call it my mobile office as it mounts my golf bag with a large umbrella and folding deck chair (for those slow days at the course - it is amazing no one thought of doing that before). A gentle nudge and the cart rolls on its own, allowing me to enjoy the walk without the lugging.

I include links to golf courses I have played in the Links Section.